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It's easy to see why children love Dr. Drew's Blocks. Small in size but large in possibilities, these blocks are more than mere chunks of beechwood. In the words of Maria Montessori, "play is the work of the child," and everyone knows by now that play is important to for a child's healthy growth and self-esteem.

"Dr. Drew's blocks...have served as math manipulatives, dominoes, turtle "mazes" and pieces of a hide and seek challenge. We have used them to build ziggurats, dna molecules and roadways for our doll cars. My children are teenagers now, but we still protect our Dr. Drew blocks from sticky-fingered neighbors. They are the most cost-effect, long- lasting and downright enjoyable product I have purchased. Someday I know I will be down on my hands and knees setting up your blocks for a whole new generation of our family. Thank you for the kind of attention to detail which makes this possible."


"The blocks were great to explore and work with. I wonder how many different ways the students will decide to use the blocks? I wonder what they will observe about the blocks? All areas of the curriculum will be brought into block play. We can measure, discuss shapes, counting, sorting and various other activities. Language comes into play when children discuss what they are going to make and what they plan to do with the blocks."


"Oh yes the inventor, Walter F. Drew, is a for-real Ed.D and early childhood educator. He would say that the simplicity and uniformity of his blocks make it easy for children to discover number relationships and basic geometric patterns and to develop their creativity through construction and free play. He would also point out that all ages can play with these blocks together. I will just say that these blocks are FUN (we own the biggest and the smallest set) and that you will kick yourself if you don't buy the large set."

"I love having the time to remember why we must keep these activities for learning in our schools. I felt curious, relaxed and alive! My brain was engaged! I liked the way the Dr. Drew’s Blocks felt and I thought they have me thinking of new ideas because of their texture and shape. I need to sit more in our block area and watch and talk and learn what kids think."