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Why These Blocks?


Dr. Drew’s Blocks have grown to be an award-winning educational toy for young children and families. Since the 1980s, we have worked intensively promoting creative play and using the blocks as a tool for developing mathematical thinking and science concepts.

"Walter F. Drew, is a for-real Ed.D. and early childhood educator. He would say that the simplicity and uniformity of his blocks make it easy for children to discover number relationships and basic geometric patterns and to develop their creativity through construction and free play. He would also point out that all ages can play with these blocks together. I will just say that these blocks are FUN (we own the biggest and the smallest set) and that you will kick yourself if you don't buy the large set."

Blocks, in particular, can be an incredibly important part of a child's healthy development, especially since they help to promote creativity and self-expression.

Friederich Froebel put forward the idea that it is through creative play that the child discovers and expresses the power of his own creative spirit. Froebel was a great advocate of blocks play and a primary source of inspiration for Dr. Drew’s Blocks.


"Dr. Drew's blocks...have served as math manipulatives, dominoes, turtle "mazes" and pieces of a hide and seek challenge. We have used them to build ziggurats, dna molecules and roadways for our doll cars. My children are teenagers now, but we still protect our Dr. Drew blocks from sticky-fingered neighbors. They are the most cost-effect, long- lasting and downright enjoyable product I have purchased. Someday I know I will be down on my hands and knees setting up your blocks for a whole new generation of our family. Thank you for the kind of attention to detail which makes this possible."

These heirloom blocks are made of kiln-dried North American beechwood, a premiere hardwood with beautiful grain qualities. 

Dr. Drew's Blocks are based on the “golden mean” or the “divine proportion,” which helps to insure endless hours of fun, while learning to create harmony and order.




1982 — Best Toy of the Year Award, Parent's Choice Foundation


2005 — Best Classic Toy Award, Dr. Toy, Early Childhood Resources


2007 — Best Product Winner, Dr. Toy, Early Childhood Resources

Building upon Froebel's teachings, the Institute For Self Active Education (ISAE) was incorporated as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit, tax exempt corporation with the vision of awakening the creative potential of people. Visit website at: www.ISAEplay.org.